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tons of people have asked for a pearl/lapis fusion and I couldnt think of a design for a really long time… till now

this is Larimar


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The injectors in the Kindergartens plant gems – which makes sense, insofar as any of it does. Like real gems they can grow larger but need a structure to copy. But where do they get the little, presumably not-yet-alive, gems to plant?

One possibility: the gems to plant occur naturally on the gem homeworld, but the ones to plant on alien planets are lab-grown. 

The Gems seem to love their own planet, but other than Rose Quartz and her gang, are utterly indifferent to the destruction of alien planets, so I could imagine them lab-growing enormous amounts of gems (far in excess of what the Homeworld produces naturally) in order to implant on alien planets until the planets are sucked dry and destroyed.

I’m not sure we’ll ever find out in canon what the deal is, but it would be interesting to know. Gem society seems to have veered from magitek-based to high-sci-fi, as exemplified by the differences between Peridot and the Crystal Gems. Lab-growing gems in order to fuel the imperialistic expansion of Gem society would mesh with that, I think?

So, the gems aren’t genetically related at all in your theory? On homeworld the gems occur naturally without any input from already living gems and elsewhere they use artificial ones.

Not that genes are perhaps the right term even if they did reproduce… lattice structures? Magic imprints?

It would be interesting to know who, if anyone, is doing the reproducing. We know that the gems as a species reproduce widely and destructively, but whether anyone in particular’s traits get passed on hasn’t come up.

Artificial ones do seem likely, with how technologically based the whole process is anyway.

(And then pearls are a whole different question – are they produced with the input of some organic creature? Can you just throw anything in as the starting “grit”, meaning you can implant something at the core of a pearl if you choose?)

I actually have no idea how Gem “genetics” would work. I know that, with real life gems and metals, you can do like a chemical analysis and learn which part of the world they come from, so maybe that’s extent of Gem inborn characteristics as well i.e. decided by the chunk of soil they come from. It’s sort of weird to think about, because they’re so very… not biological.

there’s probably a really good reason for the injectors looking like bacteriophages.