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Polyxena Firebear


Climbing to the tip of the pointer finger…that was not the sun’s
light that made the ice glow red. There is life here. Dozens of small,
hairy critters are nesting on this spot. Each individual has a stalk
growing out of its head, and this is where the light is coming from.
Maybe they act as beacons to keep the nesting site visible through a
snowstorm, kind of like the ones over our campsite. Too bad Alex O’Hearn
isn’t here to see this…I’d take one back for him, but I don’t want to
separate them from their babies. I’ll take this instead…it’s an egg,
covered in skin and fur but frozen solid, lost to the elements. (Nemo
Hovsepian, marine biologist, Odyssey II)

Firebears use the stalk for several purposes – to lure prey, to
communicate one on one, and to find each other in low visibility
conditions, in and out of the water. Dominant males and females of this
species tend to have longer and brighter stalks.

Little is known about the firebears. Their nesting grounds are
difficult and dangerous to reach, so all information on the guinea
pig-sized animals comes from notes, sketches, and a single egg collected
from the site. They belong to Vermovillosa, which places them
among star walruses, bottlenecks, and hairy grubs. Firebears resemble
macroscopic furred tardigrades, save for the luminescent stalk that
protrudes from the head. For reasons unknown, the egg is marred with a
ring of scar tissue. This may be a natural result of rapid growth
similar to growth cracks on fruit, or it may have resulted from damage
to the soft shell. (Alex O’Hearn, biologist, Odyssey II)

Even the native wildlife can’t bear temperatures like this. On
days like these, the firebears swallow their eggs and take to the ocean.
Their outer fur layer is effectively watertight thanks to a system of
interlocking barbs, almost like those on bird feathers or the black
grasses that grow around here. The inner coat holds a layer of hot air
next to the skin. This system works better underwater than in the wind,
so they do their best to stay submerged. (Alex O’Hearn, biologist,
Odyssey II)

Polyxena firebears are experts at keeping warm. In water, the fur
sits flat and watertight, allowing the animal to stay both dry and
hydrodynamic. On dry land, they can puff out their fur and the skin on
their neck to protect sensitive facial structures and their eggs from
the elements.





If Cardassians had sticky feet like geckos

this is adorable but

you walk into a room and think you’re alone and then WHOMP! Garak drops from the ceiling right behind you smiling like he didn’t realize you didn’t know he was there the whole time. “Oh, did I startle you? I’m terribly sorry…” and you just KNOW he could have murdered you three times over. Can you imagine how TERRIFYING the Empok Nor episode would have been!?!!!

That would have been amazing.  There was a fanfic that I read about this… Bashir was trying to surprise Garak by being at home waiting for him, but Garak only recognized the scent of mammal, so he scurried up the wall and then dropped onto the bed pinning Julian.  I think it was in reference to one of @subspacecommunication’s redesigns, but I’m not entirely sure.

Cute art! 😀 I can’t think of the fanfic in question at this time, I had a few gifted to me on AO3 but I don’t recall this premise. Checking my profile on there, none of the fics fit that description so I’ve not seen it unfortunately.

But my Cardassians do indeed have gecko feet and walk on ceilings and walls! Garak frequently greets Bashir in his shop hanging upside down from the ceiling. :’D






Merry: we’ve been conducting an ongoing study to see what Legolas will and will not eat

Pippin: grass? yes!

Merry: moss? yes!!

Pippin: leaves? Ohh, yes!

Merry: bootlaces? Strange but true!

Pippin: worms? Sometimes!

Merry: Rocks? Nah

Pippin: twigs? usually!

Merry: Pippin’s cooking? Inconclusive!

Faramir: how did you… test this

Merry: you just hand him stuff and say ‘this is for you’ and if he eats it, he eats it

Faramir: …….I don’t know how to feel about this


Pippin: well what did you need so many spare bootlaces for anyway

Aragorn: in case… the ones in my boots…. break!!!

Pippin: !!!!!ohhh!!!

Merry: aha!

Faramir: how could you not know that

Pippin: pff you expect me to know how boots work? *walks away*

Legolas: when I ate them, I did not know they were your bootlaces. I thought they were leathery and inferior worms.

Aragorn: so you didn’t even enjoy them

Aragorn: why did you eat them ALL if you didn’t enjoy them

Legolas: Merry and Pippin seemed to like it when I ate the gifts they gave me so usually I ate them

Merry: *slamming his fist down upon the table* you’ve COMPROMISED our test results!! 

Gimli, from a distance: 


Gimli: YES










Not trying to be nitpicky. I loved the episode. But, she can survive this…

And this…

But getting lightly squeezed around the midsection causes…

I mean…yeah.

Dude have you seen Garnet fighting? 

She is clearly more dangerous than a bunch of rocks

But isn’t garnet just….
A bunch of rocks?

Originally posted by stevenugifs

Maybe since Peridots aren’t made for combat they’re designed to poof faster if they’re being attacked by another gem in the hopes that their gems will be left alone. They don’t poof very easily when taking damage from non-gem sources because its assumed support will be there in a minute or two to help them out during construction projects/kindergarden related tasks. 

Makes sense! They’re engineers so they’re expected to take a few hard knocks. Susceptibility to gem weaponry might be intended to prevent rebellion of the technical caste.

Actually… have we seen a gem ever be poofed by something that wasn’t by the direct action of another gem?

Oh woah

amethyst falls off a cliff and only scratches her gem, but gets poofed by jasper’s attack, i think it was a kick or a headbutt? actually, if you think about gems who have taken the most direct damage from other gems, pearl wins so far. she got kicked around like a sportsball by sugillite, one of the very strongest gem fusions, and didn’t poof. 

perhaps if technician gems like peridot are meant to buckle quickly in combat situations, pearls are meant to hold up under whatever physical abuse their much, much larger superiors dish out. i don’t think a diamond or high-ranking quartz would be pleased with a toy that snaps the first time they smack it, and doesn’t regenerate for weeks.  

imagine younger pearl realizing that how much abuse she was built to take could actually be a huge asset in battle, and let her face down gems ten times her size. imagine frustrated quartzes realizing this too

“…and her terrifying renegade Pearl.”

#Gems are photonic handwave projections that can presumably destructively interfere with one another#(destructive interference is a physics thing)#but a rock is just a rock




I have so many questions tumblr

Actual answer, if you want it: Theres a relatively large tumblr rp community where people play as Amentans, who are star trek style space aliens, who among other things, go a bit sex and baby obsessed in the spring. They also have an in universe tumblr equivalent, with tagging ettiquette and such. Which includes tagging for babies and spring.

So thats what’s up with the weird warnings.

okay that’s fascinating

[a phone screenshot of tumblr recommended tags reading: Recommended hashtag kids content warning, hashtag toddlers content warning, hashtag spring content warning]









im really losing my shit thinking about vulcan childrens music and television. who could forget such hits as “3 is an appropriate number” and “walking in the street could lead to maiming or death”

the vulcan equivalent of the wiggles is just 3 normally dressed individuals reciting multiplication tables in unison

Speaking as someone with very little knowledge of Star Trek – I’ve seen like three episodes from random versions and I read Spock’s World – I violently disagree with this.

Even before I had such minimal knowledge as I do now, I thought that “vulcan” was a very appropriate word for them. It’s not that they don’t have emotions, if anything they have more than humans, they just run hard and deep, like volcanoes. You don’t want that thing to erupt.

So I imagine vulcan children’s TV is much like Sesame Street. Here is a muppet with anger issues! He spilled his milk and it made him ANGRY!!! Here comes someone dressed in completely normal clothes to say yes, that was indeed unfortunate, but anger is an irrational response to such a thing and not in keeping with the teachings of Surak; let us now explore different forms of meditation as emotional control, one of which includes three normally dressed individuals reciting multiplication tables in unison.

Or something like Mr. Surak’s Neighborhood, where a calm and gentle Vulcan offers counsel and advice on how to manage stressful situations logically, how to work cooperatively together with others to make a better community and a better world, how to let anger and fear be warnings of danger or wrongness without allowing them to control you…puppets might be involved, as ways to illustrate emotional situations and demonstrate their proper management without requiring adult Vulcans to show unseemly emotions in public.

So not so different from what we had, really. Except that _their_ version of PBS would always be fully funded and teaching would be an elite, well-respected, well-paid profession- what could be a higher priority, in a logical world, than educating the young?



i like to think that my etymology party-piece lectures ( sarcasm-esophagus-sarcophagus-anthropology-anthropophagus-etc) would entertain vulcanlings.


me: ok, so the root-word “chronos” means “time,” right? in greek mythology, kronos was a titan who ate his children. DO YOU GET IT? TIME EATS ITS CHILDREN. WE ARE ALL THE CHILDREN OF TIME, STUDENTS.

boy in front row, experiencing etymological epiphany: OH MY GOD *falls off chair* oh my god.

Me, on the internet: [experiences etymological epiphany] oh my gods