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I just realized that finding makeup would be a pain in the ass in the star wars universe

“fuck, I found this foundation in my shade of pink, but it’s for a different skin type, WAY too oily for me”

“why does everyone insist that mascara is the best thing since sliced bread? MY SPECIES DOESN’T HAVE EYELASHES”

“why is makeup humanocentric, not everyone is a different shade of beige dammit”

*angry feminist twi’lek ranting about how they don’t need eyebrows to look beautiful*

*angry togruta yelling as they try to keep their foundation off of their skin markings*

“This foundation is gray but it’s warm gray, fuck”

Coruscant makeup shops would either have to specialize or be huge

if you’re on a planet where your species is the minority, good luck finding items that need to work with your skin tone/type/your body hair or lack of

I’m just. Imagining water-based species leaving their home planet and going “What the hell is Make Up?”

Water-based species shopping abroad: “This is not water-proof. I tried.”

Mixed species people living “abroad” and finally visiting their species home planet as an adult just to discover they had NO IDEA what their peoples beauty standards are and they’ve been doing their makeup to human standards this whole time. “Wait, you mean I’m not supposed to highlight the markings on my arms and chest? That’s hella vulgar?? I’ve been essentially walking around naked with arrows pointed to my cooch this whole time???”