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Marvus Xoloto! I am 100% down with this clown. I do hope we see some non-Juggalo Purplebloods sometime, though. It is supposed to be an Obscure Cult after all.

Hiveswap Sprites

“Obscure” in the sense of mysterious, not as in hidden and small. The subjugs run the whole Empire, remember the Grand Highblood?

oooh that’s a good point. I always thought it was weird that mirthful messiahs could be both obscure and the state religion. it could be a mystery cult.

There’s no real indication its large or the state religion ,after all if a scientologist became president it dissent stop Scientology  being scene as fringe weirdos, infact I believe the comic implys everyone sees the cult as weird and dumb which would be weird way to view the state religion

It is stated by Cindy she had gross clowns running shit but this could mean either there are simply a group of clowns outside the cult or that the cult is small but influential do to docscratches influence, making them basically the clown illuminati

The cult is obviously pretty influential in Hiveswap time; click the Heiress’ portrait with the Cuebat and Xefros reacts with terror that her “SUBJUGGLATORS-IN-WAITING” will track him down through his dreams and kill him. I’m thinking retcon here; it would be pretty stupid to openly express that you think the literal Thought Police are “weird and dumb”! Though maybe by Homestuck time, Feferi not using the on-planet subjugs to enforce her will has made the kids think they’re stupid and harmless while the adult ones are still influential and scary?

it might be obscure because 1) not that many purplebloods to begin with, 2) other castes may be discouraged or outright forbidden from knowing the religions’ tenets, 3) we don’t know if all purplebloods are supposed to be/forced to be part of the church, but even if they are, a number of them are likely to not care enough and thus only have a shallow knowledge of it, 4) hiveswap events cause the Church to either lose influence, numbers, or whatever indoctrination material they use, which results in Sgrub-time trolls being misinformed and/or simply diminished in cultural importance, or 5) they kind of go underground and become extra secretive, while at the same time avoiding calling attention to themselves with thought-policing and the whatnot…?

this is all spitballing. Might be they become obscure simply because as sgrub approached Doc Scratch stopped bothering and without enforcement they became more disorganized, or something.




I’ve been thinking a lot about compassion in Judaism, and being kind. In that light, I would like everyone to know that my current favorite Jewish supernatural headcanon is that, instead of driving vampires away with crosses or stakes through the heart, we say the Mourner’s Kaddish for them. I mean, that’s just so adorable. You see this threatening undead creature, and instead of yelling murder, you feel bad for them, and you mourn for them. Imagine being a vampire at the receiving end of that, having been chased away for years and years and told you’re a monster when you come across someone who sees you and your existence and accepts that you’re in a pretty bad place and offers help in the best way they can. I’m actually tearing up about this a little. If someone adds to this post I’ll love them forever.

It doesn’t work for zombies.

This is one of the hardest things she learns, in the business.  Saying the Mourner’s Kaddish will slow a vampire, to stare at you with wide shocked eyes (and once, memorably, to weep blood-tinged tears), unable or unwilling to lift a hand against you.  It will calm a dybbuk, enough to make it stop whatever destruction it’s begun, and almost always enough to start a conversation about why it clings so desperately to the world of the living, what it’s left undone, how it can be freed to move on.  You have died, the Kaddish says, and we mourn you as we would mourn our own dead, because someone must.

But there is no soul and no mind left in a zombie, no vestige of the self it once was, nothing left for the Kaddish to speak to.

She says it anyway, with every head-shot, with every flung grenade.

Not because she still hopes one might hear her, but because they are dead, and the dead should be mourned.

…this is gorgeous.



Once upon a time, before the adults all got banished into space, an imperial paingineer sat down and thought:
hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could start installing pilots younger
and younger, so we can maximise their use before they die? And wouldn’t
it be excellent if we didn’t have to worry about high rates of psionic
suicide, or burn-out, because they’re so mentally devastated by

Hence the lowblood sect of the worship of the Mirthful Messiah was started!

is basically a derivative form of the normal, ‘mainstream’ form of the
normal obscure cult. Think, in terms of how much your character might
know, in terms of LDS vs. Mormons, or Reform Judaism vs. Orthodox
Sephardic Judaism: outsiders probably think it’s all the same, insiders
probably know the difference, devout religious members of either sect
definitely do know the difference and will judge you heavily if you mix
them up. A Orthodox Greek priest may not believe that a LDS is actually Christian. A subjuggulator may not believe the psionics wearing half-paint are actually Mirthful. Same religion to outsiders, but devotees may not actually agree.

Being part of the church as an indigo is your
hatchright. Being part of the church as a blueblood is a blessing.
Everyone else is just shit out of luck – unless you’re in a cluster with
the lowblood sect and you’re a psionic, in which case, they will tell
you all about how you can overcome the inherent shittiness of your blood
and caste by eschewing them in favor of MiRaClEs. And also by becoming a
church ship upon conscription. CAN’T FORGET THAT PART.

are allowed to wear partial paint,   call themselves Mirthful, and
they’re given church housing – basically,   blocks in old indigo hive
stems. They’re kept with food and medicine and kept healthy and fat
until conscription, largely protected from the general consequences of
lowblood allowances, but their life is generally still shitty. They’re
the lowest rung on a totem pole that says they’re literally dirt and
their only worth is in giving themselves entirely over, mind and body,
to the church when they’re 21.

In addition to that, being a
Mirthful as a psionic means that you’re giving your autonomy completely
up. You don’t get to live in your hive. You don’t get to choose what you
wear, what you eat, and your lifestyle is going to be fit around the
fact you’re having invasive surgeries until you’re installed in a
spaceship. Don’t do anything that could damage your ports!

Also, you’re surrounded by people who can use mind powers on you at any point, and there is shit all you can do about it.

the west coast’s capitol, which is where Riccin is located, the
Imperial Education Program is headed by Shepherd, and kids – after they
pass their psionic tests, and are taken in – are basically forced into
either following the Mirthful Messiahs or some
other religion that will indoctrinate them into accepting their roles.

Riccin digs into the philosophies of the church here, here, and here.
AND PROBABLY ELSEWHERE TOO but fuck that i’m not going through all
their threads, they’re a horrible person.

ID  was a member of the sect, Iphige was a member of it
(and was placed on  Sunstrider, an indigo-captained ship, upon
conscription), OA is an active member  of it. Sipara attended Carnival
regularly as ID’s auspisticee  and Iphige’s clademate, but quickly
realised as the only non-psionic, she was ten seconds from being culled
and bailed.

Pheres has no idea about the different sects or anything. He thinks religion is dumb, the Dark Carnival is an especially stupid branch of it, and his knowledge of clowns amounts to “DUCK YOUR HORNS, SMILE A LOT, MENTION MIRACLES AND LOOK VERY (DOCILE-Y) ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT MIRACLES AND WHATEVER ELSE THEY’RE SAYING”. He does not fully understand why they’re more terrifying than any other highblood, though.



ok, fantasy concept: give your dwarves the mandate of tzedakah. like. the development of dwarves in modern fantasy over the last century has been intertwined with christian perceptions of jews, whether somewhat flattering (they’re skilled craftsmen and academics) to outright fucked up (they’re ugly gold-mad isolationists). 

so give them tzedakah, one of the most serious mandates jews have, one of the central cores of jewish identity: righteousness. not charity, or piousness, or obedience. tzedakah is the religious mandate to do what is right, not in a passive way, not in a personal way. but to help those who have been wronged and fix what has been damaged or degraded. plenty of jews struggle to uphold this principal (some try to redefine it down into charity or ignore it entirely) but it’s there, and it’s nonoptional. if you do not give tzedakah, if you do not work to improve the world when and where you have the chance, you are not a good jew.  

if your dwarves are going to be jewish allegories, give them something that really is actually at the heart of the jewish people: not materialism, not harsh and suspicious natures, but a divine obligation to leave the world in better shape than they entered it. 

I needed this post today.


Anonymous asked: am i the only one who REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to see the signless with like, a saint sebastian homage. just tied to a stake naked and shot full of arrows and crying but also Digging It if you get my drift B))

as soon as I saw this ask I muttered “Oh well now I HAVE to draw it.”

He’s been fucking himself for hours


Christianities appropriation into the Jian Naodai culture is one
steeped in misinterpretation, indigenous lore, belief and disbelief.
First contact between missionaries and indigenous people were quite
peaceful. Multiple Christian sects were introduced on this bustling
trading port plant with Catholicism and Mormonism being the most active.

The Jian Nodai are the sole dominant race and span throughout the
planet. Each is a unique but similar extension of one another, sharing
certain ideologies, yet different cultural attitudes and customs.
Groups live within their own territories and are relatively peaceful
towards one another.

Not a Dogmatic race the Jian Naodai’s spiritual philosophies are
animistic in nature. Highly intricate and complex, it is a
spirituality riddled with “divine” planetary beings and sentient
natural forces. Their beliefs, while not overt, are intertwined in
their secular life, where their heavenly bodies are not above or below
them but live and die amongst them.

The formalized sects of Christianity brought a sense of religious
structure and universal law to a highly diverse and semi nomadic
people.Yet as old world customs were beginning to be lost and
Christian teachings become more in depth and strict many clans of Jian
Naodai began rejecting these alien faiths.

It was the Catholic belief of transubstantiation of the Eucharist,
which sparked the initial resistance. A religion founded on the
teachings of a risen from the dead man god who’s followers ate his
‘flesh and blood’ was taken with great horror and touched upon racial
taboos of Partaking of flesh and necromancy. This piece of information
harkened to the indigenous belief shared across all tribes of the

Christianity became synonymous with the belief in these necromantic
lords. Luwongne are believed to be plague binging, carnivorous,
reanimated bodies of Jian Naodai and are able to summon the dead and
other forces as its army. They are believed to convert living
followers promising them power and riches.

It is not entirely know whether or not the supernatural aspects of
the Luwongne stems from any truth. As Luwongne do in fact exist. They
are typically rogue warlords and are a possible threat to Jian Nodai
tribes. Many in fact came to use Christian iconography and see Jesus
as a necromantic deity.

This sparked hysteria across the planet similar to the witch craze
that plague earth’s history. Human inhabitants of the planet,
regardless of faith, were regularly attacked believed to be Luwongne
henchmen. Churches and other human built infrastructures are regularly
attacked and destroyed. Fellow Jian Naodai who became devote or
suspected to be Christian are ritually sacrificed to tar pits.