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SU Corrupted Gems!! Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, Lapis and Peridot—20160909


Peri Powers


Although she’s currently pretty harmless without her limb enhancers, I think the Crystal Gems are underestimating Peridot in assuming her limb enhancers did everything for her.


As soon as Peridot has a body formed she starts bleeding green energy from her gem. It’s similar to what happens when someone summons a weapon, but Peridot’s not trying to summon a weapon – she’s trying to charge her blaster.

Amethyst threw the limb enhancers away before Pearl could inspect them, I suspect what everyone missed due to that is that they didn’t contain any power source. A lot of gem tech appears to be powered by Gems, if it’s going to be worn by a Gem why not have them power it themselves? Especially a Gem whose affinity seems to be for technology.

Peridot really can’t do much without her limb enhancers, but the energy she was pouring into them hasn’t gone anywhere just because she can’t use it.

Does she ever use her powers without mediating it through limb enhancers though? I think she does a couple of times.


This is an intriguing scene. The ball emerges, rolls over several times then settles and dissolves, leaving the Gems inside it standing in place. The ship’s finger then lowers to let them face the Crystal Gems. All of this happens with Peridot standing there, not moving her arms at all. Later she uses her screen to control the ship, but here she’s got to be controlling both the ball and the ship without anything but what appears to be a mental link.


This could be a be a pressure plate – but why would there be a pressure plate controlling the escape pod on a random patch of floor? Especially since Peridot bangs her head against a tile she’s already wriggled most of the way across.

I think she wriggled as far as she could get from Amethyst and then smacked her gem into the floor and tried to do something she probably wasn’t even sure she could.


Then there’s this, which is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, Peridot’s limb enhancers aren’t producing that electricity, it’s coming from her body under the whip, which means she can still do that now. Second, she didn’t seem to know that the last time she pulled this trick. She gets a finger loose to shock Amethyst’s whip in Keeping It Together, but here she just closes her eyes and concentrates.

I’m not sure why she never tries this without her limb enhancers, but then she never really tries to fight (aside from smacking Steven) and she already knows this doesn’t work on Garnet. She might have used it if Pearl or Amethyst had grabbed her before she reached the bathroom, since it needs something to conduct it.

I don’t think she’s deliberately hiding her powers or pretending to be helpless – and she really is hopelessly outmatched. She’s just a mixture of unfamiliar with them and used to assuming everyone knows the basics of what a peridot can do.

But the Crystal Gems might be in for a surprise and – if she carries on bonding with them – not necessarily an unpleasant one.



Anyways just some…stuff.
Reflective pupils, REALLY LARGE irises..
Hair bristles…almost like porcupine quills..

 She can wiggle her rib thingies.The spots under/inbetween are soft n warm, the outer skin is..not quite Solid and chitinous, but its not so soft like human skin either. Somewhere sort of in between, but still flexible… Also Cool to the touch

Peridot is weird and I just keep making her weirder??



I was thinking about the ‘Jasper is a successful cluster fusion’ theory and how some people point out that Malachite has only hands and no feet as something that proves the theory and I thought how does that prove the theory? And then I thought what if she doesn’t have feet. What if she removed her boots it was just an extra pair of hands. Has Jasper gone her whole life thinking all gems have only hands and no feet.