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With Saint Patrick’s Day coming soon do you think you could make a profile on Leprechauns, which i’m guessing in your world setting’s a type of rodent, correct?


Quite correct! They are in fact just a subspecies of gnome (Homunculus barbatus), which are more solitary relatives of trolls and goblins. While trolls hunt and forage in organized family groups, gnomes (including leprechauns) tend to work alone, though they are often up to the same mischief. Like trolls, it is actually female gnomes with the bushier “beard”, especially after giving birth, as they use their own fur to line their nests. Beard color usually varies from rusty red to mousy grey.

The ancestors of these strange, stocky rodents are believed to have evolved in tandem with early Europeans, much as modern housecats self-domesticated through a mutually beneficial relationship with humans. They are capable of walking and running on their hindlegs in order to carry more stuff in their forepaws. Remarkably opportunistic creatures, they thrive on stealing from humans, hoarding food and acquired treasures in large burrows. Sometimes several related individuals will share a hoard, but their nightly roaming grounds almost never overlap.

All members of the genus Homunculus are highly intelligent and can learn new behaviors from observing both each other and humans. Most notably, the tendency to wear clothes, which is favorable as their bodies do not retain heat well and it allows them to forage longer into winter. It is unknown if this began from mere observation by gnome ancestors living in human houses, or was directly taught to an animal living in a human family. Garments can be anything from rags to fine coats (nicked from humans, as they cannot make their own), but they do seem to have a preference for the color red. They have no concept of actual monetary value and may bring “gifts” from their own hoards ranging in value from from trinkets to literal gold in exchange for offering them food. 


While early legends portray leprechauns as helpful shoemakers, they are far more likely to make off with your shoes, cookies, alcohol etc without a hint of remorse. Little bastards. 

Gonna try to be one of the first to do this


I’m gonna define the charms guys

Heart- classic love, nuff said

Moon- Based particularly on coyness and mystery, one of Clover’s best quadrants

Star- One-upmanship, closer to black than others in that it features rivalry of sorts, but can be much more innocent

Clover- Luck, courting often done through the playing of luck based games, gambling games being more intense forms of courtship while coin flipping could be nice for early stages

Diamond- similar to diamonds for trolls

Horseshoe- Another more competitive quadrant, based in games of skill. unlike clover, they are actually showing off and not basing on just luck. one of the more confrontational charms

Balloon- similar to diamonds for trolls, but with less emotional touchy feely stuff, and more amusement. they keep each other happy just by being distracting and fun for each other

Rainbow- more commonly homosexual than others, features imagination games and artistic cooperation

Pot of Gold- thievery based competition, they have nests of stuff they like and they try to steal from the nest of the leprechaun they are courting. Spades and his gang got the idea to have their battledrobes and whatnot based on the nests they saw these guys having. they do no understand how depraved this makes them seem to leprechauns, to have a stash and never try to steal anything