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Okay so maybe it’s a little long to send in to zimheadcanons but…

I’ve been working on a headcanon where IRK was once populated by several versions of IRKEN subspecies, all with different-colored eyes and a drive for conquest. In their early history, they strove to subdue one another, until finally two IRKEN races reigned supreme – the Reds and the Purples.

The battle between these two nearly wiped out the remainder of life on IRK (with a weapon that became the precursor to the Organic Sweep) and, realizing the close call they’d had with extinction, the few remaining IRKENS called a grudging ceasefire.

With neither side willing to accept the other as victor, they instead cooperated long enough to create the first-ever Control Brain to resolve their dispute and divide the planet between them.

The Control Brain, with its massive intellect, saw a problem – neither side had enough breeding pairs left over to repopulate the devastated planet. So, instead, it collected DNA samples from the remaining IRKENS and… Annihilated them.

To acquire servants, though – maintainers, and manufacturers that could create more Control Brains – it grew hybrid clones from the DNA data it had amassed. They were stunted, mostly, with odd, in-between eyes, and needed Paks to survive and be of any use, but there are the occasional Tall throwbacks to either the Reds or the Purples.

This would be why most of the IRKENS in the IZ TV show are short, and have eyes in the pinky-purplish range.

This probably does not fit with any extended canon – please recall, I’ve only ever seen the show itself (and some EXCELLENT roleplay)

A new reason to use the word “bloodpusher”…


“Heart” refers to (anatomical) hearts as well as ♥ (which is related to the concept of love) because of ancient pseudoscience that suggested that anatomical hearts were the bodily source of emotions.

Now that there’s a post going around tumblr pointing out Karkat’s use of the term “pity humors” (among other things that weren’t really news to me), what if Troll Aristotle had envisioned the bloodpusher as the source of black feelings/humors, thereby actually making it the spade? For the pity humors themselves, we could go for the old standby of the liver, if trolls have those, or some overly-specifically-named internal trollpart otherwise.

Think of all the metaphors that would be completely different.

has it always been compulsory for every troll to donate two pails of slurry every sweep or so, or is that also another thing that condesce did to feed her war machine? like before the exile and during all the other empresses’ reign, were the drones making their rounds every sweep to every adult troll to collect slurry and cull them if they didnt have it? youve mentioned that fef found out that the momgrub was specifically altered so that it needed a specific amount of slurry by condie???


Nope, compulsory donation was not a thing, prior to the adult’s exile from Alternia. (This is why Dualscar could get away with being Mindfang’s kismesis, for example.)

Donation is still compulsory – but a lot looser than previously, and certainly without the whole OR YOU DIE – bit of it, because the Mother Grub adapted to the ridiculous amount of slurry it was being given, and now it will literally die without a steady supply. And that would be Bad.

In the old days, say Signless era, donation was actually a big step in regards to romance, like a show of commitment that often went hand in hand with legally binding your quadrants and making them co-owners of your stuff. Trolls don’t have marriage, per se, but committed quadrants – those that follow the little oaths that for example, Eridan and Equius shared – were given a certain respect and had a place within the social order. Property became shared between committed quadrantmates, and it provided the partner lower in the hemospectrum with a modicum of privilege from their higher blooded partners. (This is where the whole wear your quadrantmates’ colors thing comes from, except way back when, it was actually legally binding.)

During those times, drones were not enforcers of the Empire, but only served as security to protect the brooding caverns. Trolls were expected to go together to the caverns and… contribute, there. It was almost ritualized.

However, once the adults were exiled, the drones began making sweeps on the kids left behind before they left for space, to ensue the species would continue. As Condesce’s wars of expansion got bloodier, she instituted donations from the Fleet itself, to keep the warm bodies coming through the pipeline straight into the front lines.




i don’t even know if they have gay marriage in the landlord ‘verse. i mean they have poly marriage because of the stronger arab influence, but up until recently it was still geared toward one man several women.

but i THINK in some countries they had a workaround in that two same-sex lovers married a beard, and then possibly the beard divorced them, and there would be legal technicalities that had the same-sex people stay married anyway, because “marriage is for children and pooled wealth” and they’d already merged their assets and what if there WAS a child on the way? we just don’t know. (obvs it would work better for lesbians than gay dudes.) this would work in some countries and not others, obviously, they’d probably all have slightly different laws on the topic ranging from “if one person in a poly marriage wants out the whole marriage is dissolved” to “yeah ok, divorce this dude and swap in another one, it’s cool.” to maybe even leftover legal “first spouse, second spouse” hierarchies that would affect inheritance and resources…

… actually i think they probably do have gay marriage, because sevan and mikhail didn’t even think for one second that they wouldn’t be able to get married. (i kind of love how easily i just assumed that of course they’d get married at some point tbh XD i only noticed it today! it’s so nice how natural and even banal it feels to me nowadays.)

but. i still like to think about how the laws evolved. *_* also i’m still lol about two girls marrying their dude friend for his genes and then divorcing him to raise their kids as a couple.

(i don’t think luce and matt and piotr will get married. possibly luce and matt, but piotr is probably gonna stay the outside lover. maybe he can go for a civil partnership.)

okay what I would do in this position would be to infer PAST YAOI-STYLE ARRANGED MARRIAGE SHENANIGANS, with this exact conundrum (shit!!! no daughters at hand of the correct bloodlines to marry off!!! shit!!!!!) of course repeatedly occurring to warring tribes and principalities like since forever, first records beginning thousands of years ago. History would simply be peppered with male-male marriages, betrothals, etc., of power and convenience, some of ‘em being famous, and, in modern days, in places where it wasn’t blandly the norm, it would probably be considered vaguely antiquated and feudal rather than outrageous.

Like, “What, two guys…? You got a duchy or royal blood or something…? Horse and carriage in the garage as well?”

hehehe yesssss this is another variation/explanation for why it was kept as a law as long as it was. *__* *rolls all over it*






I love Temeraire but man, I really want to see how that world continues to develop with dragons. What happens when people start building airplanes? Do they even bother to build planes when they can just hop on a dragon? How do dragons influence the development of the American military-industrial complex? What do dragons think of the Internet? Is Temeraire still alive and posting selfies in his best jewelry please I need to know

Okay but am I the only one who has imagined dragons *in planes*. Dragons want to go over the sea too, and ships are awful and take months to get anywhere. Planes with a section in the back for one or two little courier-weights. Planes with reinforced sections for baby dragons. Giant, giant carrier-planes for larger dragons.

Dragons hate planes. It is a Fact. They whine so, so much about flying without wings.

(Dragons going through Customs, guys.)

Whoa, you’re right–the most sensible solution for all concerned would be to have shipping switch over to airmailing small dragons, who could finish many of the final hops sending people/goods to last-stop distribution centers.

what about humans in hangliders and squirrel suits? a talented hanglider guy can coast around for ages. then a small dragon could tow them higher, or a middleweight dragon could simply be landed on. the humans would have to get the hang of dealing with the turbulence from enormous flapping wings, but if they wiped out the dragon could just grab them. 

the tactical advantages in dragon combat are obvious: instead of forcing the enormous and expensive dragons into direct combat, their boarding teams would glide at each other from a distance. if they miss, they just spiral down rather than falling to their death, unless encountered by an enemy glider with a big ripping hook or swatted by the enemy dragon. the human combatants can then continue the fight on the ground, or sit tight and radio for extraction. 

i’d equip a human boarder with a pistol, sticky explosives, a compass, a map of the area, and a big sickle-bladed grappling hook on a chain, for either grabbing on to a dragon’s hide or slicing through an enemy’s glider fabric. the trick would be to make something that caught in hide but went right through a glider, since you’d want to stick to the dragon, but not a plummeting enemy. i suppose it could be detachable at the chain…. then again, if you have a pistol, you might just want to shoot your gliding enemies directly. 

the explosives could be as simple as tape and a stick of dynamite, if it’s early 19-20 stuff. glider over, hook on wherever you can, tape the dynamite down while shooting whoever you can, and dive away before it blows. later plastic explosives could be made even stickier and harder to peel off, with remote detonators, so you could just brush by, throw it down, fly off, and then blow it. 








longroadstonowhere replied to your post:longroadstonowhere replied to your…

i think it’s also interesting because the summoner’s rebellion was what made the condesce ban all adults from alternia, which is obviously a huge turning point in alternian history

Yep. There must have been a number of smaller rebellions that sort of built up to it, and it was the last straw, because that seems extreme, even for the Condesce. Probably some interesting politics there.

And, related to that, I sort of wonder what relations were like between adults and kids before that happened – Mindfang mentions lusi, and apparently the adults still interact with them at least sometimes (because Pyralspite was around). Were kids then also raised by lusi, or did they have some other function? Obviously trolls can’t really have family structures the way they breed, but I would imagine there originally being some sort of communal system (because eusocial insects). Maybe not when Mindfang was around, but perhaps earlier.

that’s one of the things that i like thinking about most with alternia – how did the planet work before the adults were forced away and all that

i feel like by mindfang’s piraty times, kids were left to the lusii until they hit a certain age, and then maybe there was a sort of general apprenticeship going on? like adults would take groups of children on and teach them the ins and outs of their careers – there were official channels this went through for legitimate jobs like legislacerator or the military or such, but outlaws like mindfang could’ve also wrangled up just-over-age-of-majority trolls to fill out their crews, and any who didn’t die immediately were given more substantial lessons in how to be good thieves and all that

earlier, though, before the caste system got strictly enforced, maybe kids were only minded by lusii when the adults couldn’t be around (like how pit bulls used to be nanny dogs) and it was more of a ‘teach them whatever they’re drawn to’ sort of system

Yeah, I really wish the Mindfang diary had mentioned something about younger trolls.

I keep trying to tie all this back to ye olde troll gender headcanon. What are your thoughts on “before the caste system got strictly enforced”? There was maybe a time when all trolls (or just land-dwellers) had a more flatly structured society? What changed that? I always sort of assumed that caste role conservatism would degrade over time rather than increase.

Apprenticeships and nanny-dog lusi are good thoughts. Maybe apprenticeships or similar still happen on a bigger scale ala sort of what they did in the Serendipity Gospels?

hm…. i think i imagine that caste roles were pretty strict early in troll history (since they affect lǎzèról so much), and then maybe it started winding down a bit but the condesce (or a previous fuchsia ruler) heavily enforced it – perhaps to legitimize/strengthen their claim to leadership?

and i think apprenticeships were still a thing prior to the summoner’s rebellion, but maybe not anymore – the condesce probably wouldn’t trust her subjects unless she could be certain they were being schoolfed her propaganda all the way through to adulthood

i feel like basically what i’m imagining is 1. troll kids grow up on alternia with their lusii with schoolfeeding grubs giving them basic educations 2. they go to “secondary school” for whatever career path they’re eligible for (with admittance dependent upon blood-testing; also lots of culling the kids who’ve somehow not been killed by other kids despite deformities, infirmities, etc.) 3. after finishing up at “secondary school” they’re assigned to whichever ship/planet needs them

the “secondary school” could be run by drones? although i don’t know if they have the intelligence for that; they could also be run by trusted officials, but that could lead to the same problems (for the condesce) that the apprentice system theoretically would do

another thought – maybe higher bloods still have apprenticeships, since they’re more likely to go into military paths and also more likely to support the continuance of the caste system, while lower bloods go through less personalized and more stringent procedures (or maybe they’re just tossed onto a world and it’s sink or swim)

man, all this just makes me even more excited for hiveswap, because just think of all the details we’ll have to play with when that comes out

Maybe there are more and less intelligent drones? The drones that build hives probably have to be intelligent enough to put together structures that stay up, since the kids directing them probably aren’t going to really be able to do that. But highbloods getting more personalized education makes sense.

I’m really hoping Hiveswap gets us more interesting hints of things we can work with, and not silly contradictory stuff like the cherub worldbuilding…