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Scientists created Ditto by accident, trying to clone the
legendary pokémon Mew through it’s ancient DNA. However Ditto easily
found it’s way out the labs due to it’s transform ability.
Even the most experienced Ditto can’t fully transform itself, keeping it’s characteristic features in their transformation.
Like Mew, Ditto’s inherited curiosity is drawn to human and pokémon societies, which often infiltrates just for fun.


Sheep from otherworld

이계의 양. 털이 아니라 고기가 자라난다. 여러가지 품종이 존재한다. 품종에 따라 고기의 질감과 맛이 다르다. 고기에 흠집을 내면 육즙이 쏟아져나온다. 털이 그러하듯 몸 위를 뒤덮으며 자라는 고기에는 신경이 존재하지 않기 때문에 고기를 수확할 때 양은 고통을 느끼지 않는다.


Dragons are extraordinarily good mimics, escaping human predation by disguising themselves as common airliners, some even going so far as to sport crude copies of carrier logos. This makes them difficult to track, though most sources agree that the dragon population is critically endangered.

While there has been some success with halting large-scale dragon hunting, conservationists are still concerned about a recent spate of crashes in otherwise healthy adults.

Given that dragons communicate via radio signals and that most crashes occur near military radar stations, it is theorized that the radar may be disorienting the dragons. Investigations are still ongoing.


A preview of the centaur anatomy.
“The centaur’s lower-half houses a complex multi-stage digestive system designed to extract nutrients from tough prairie grasses. Centaur bones are relatively thin in order to make room for their leg-length esophaguses, and as such they must be wary of falls or injury to their lower “horse” halves.“  – A Natural History of the Fantastic