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Shape shifter



Anonymous asked: am i the only one who REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to see the signless with like, a saint sebastian homage. just tied to a stake naked and shot full of arrows and crying but also Digging It if you get my drift B))

as soon as I saw this ask I muttered “Oh well now I HAVE to draw it.”

He’s been fucking himself for hours



The celebrations went on, and you were lauded as a hero. You accept the praise and the congratulations, even as the world turns a bright blue around the edges, and the ringing in your ears shifts to whispers and crescendoing to loud clicking and shrieking. You try to repeat to yourself that you are a HERO and the hero has a sunset march and a glorious homecoming and FORTUNE.

But it only works for so long.

You forget the word. The words.

And the whispers and the clicking tell you that you are a SOLDIER. You have no homecoming or celebration, only a task. You had been difficult the whispers say. You had set them back. Somewhere in the corner of your mind that can still think through the noise, you are jubilant over that fact. That corner is swept away amidst the ear splitting roars and shrieks that press in to your skull. Now you are obedient, the shrieking rang. Fortune favors obedience. And you can only think, yes, as you feel pinpricks like claws pressing in to your brain.

They need information. Things you had seen fleetingly in washed out blue and rapidly rotating images. You don’t have those images anymore.

But you know where to find them again.

Because I of course needed another large Pacific Rim related WIP. What is that, like, five or six I have now? It’ll be a goddamn miracle if I finish them all.

I REWROTE IT SUCKERS. Because, I, uh, posted it to AO3 and I wanted the text to actually not be total crap. So… have fun! Sunshine and rainbows!

Re: Trolls and ritual cannibalism. Remember that parasite AU we thought up? What if trolls like that practice cannibalism not only as A)a practical way to get proteins and fats nobody’s using anymore but also B)for those you care about, as a way to recover and “save” the True Parasite Strain within the dead troll? Like, trolls have a second “stomach” that’s, like, a stasis chamber for the parasite, and maybe they can breed with it after consumption ovo


oh well that’d just be like, a kind of like, even without the whole governmentally-imposed drone system, that would be a way for your quadrants’ genetic contribution to live on, if you were driven to put in the effort to recover their body and prepare it correctly, like maybe if you were quadranted with them you’d get acclimated to their strain and be capable of harboring it (slurry-style?) for a while, instead of just fighting it off