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SU Corrupted Gems!! Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, Lapis and Peridot—20160909


I don’t want to come off as rude but I’m genuinely curious as to whether or not there was a specific reason as to why in your gem sensitivities headcanon you made Garnet’s hair have no sense of feeling? I’m also wondering if you had any thoughts on how shape shifting would change a gem’s sensitivity levels according to your headcanon. Thank you!


there is!
I imagine garnet (and ruby as well) having REALLY thick hair..like, inhumanly thick, and it kind of acts as a natural shock absorber/helmet sorta deal, rather than like whiskers

so..Jasper is built like an ideal soldier, so her hair whisker things are good for say, detecting if an enemy is tryina get the jump on her, air vibrations and all that…

whereas garnet and ruby are built more like freakin tanks, for smashing and taking hits as efficiently as possible (I’ll probably draw it later, but ruby’s full body sensitivity would actually be just a bit lower than garnets even, tiny boulder child.). future vision is probably also pretty capable in making up for her lack of whiskers, I’d think

I..actually havent thought about that! lets see…I imagine they’d follow pretty much the same patterns in whatever form!


…and also effectively a height chart of sorts

So first, the basics

-In general,Gems tend to be more thick-skinned than your average human

-The area directly around the gem is almost always the most sensitive

-The gem itself can in fact register contact, but doesn’t (usually) feel good or bad, its just aware of pressure on it

-With the exception of Garnet, all of them have hair that can ‘feel’, in a way. The hair itself doesn’t really feel anything though, it functions similarly to the way cat whiskers do.

-Touching gems can be considered an intimate thing, particularly gem-to-gem, since you know, that’s the part that’s..them.

-Everything can (clearly) be radically different per gem!!

-Smooches are still good, A+


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