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I love Temeraire but man, I really want to see how that world continues to develop with dragons. What happens when people start building airplanes? Do they even bother to build planes when they can just hop on a dragon? How do dragons influence the development of the American military-industrial complex? What do dragons think of the Internet? Is Temeraire still alive and posting selfies in his best jewelry please I need to know

Okay but am I the only one who has imagined dragons *in planes*. Dragons want to go over the sea too, and ships are awful and take months to get anywhere. Planes with a section in the back for one or two little courier-weights. Planes with reinforced sections for baby dragons. Giant, giant carrier-planes for larger dragons.

Dragons hate planes. It is a Fact. They whine so, so much about flying without wings.

(Dragons going through Customs, guys.)

Whoa, you’re right–the most sensible solution for all concerned would be to have shipping switch over to airmailing small dragons, who could finish many of the final hops sending people/goods to last-stop distribution centers.

what about humans in hangliders and squirrel suits? a talented hanglider guy can coast around for ages. then a small dragon could tow them higher, or a middleweight dragon could simply be landed on. the humans would have to get the hang of dealing with the turbulence from enormous flapping wings, but if they wiped out the dragon could just grab them. 

the tactical advantages in dragon combat are obvious: instead of forcing the enormous and expensive dragons into direct combat, their boarding teams would glide at each other from a distance. if they miss, they just spiral down rather than falling to their death, unless encountered by an enemy glider with a big ripping hook or swatted by the enemy dragon. the human combatants can then continue the fight on the ground, or sit tight and radio for extraction. 

i’d equip a human boarder with a pistol, sticky explosives, a compass, a map of the area, and a big sickle-bladed grappling hook on a chain, for either grabbing on to a dragon’s hide or slicing through an enemy’s glider fabric. the trick would be to make something that caught in hide but went right through a glider, since you’d want to stick to the dragon, but not a plummeting enemy. i suppose it could be detachable at the chain…. then again, if you have a pistol, you might just want to shoot your gliding enemies directly. 

the explosives could be as simple as tape and a stick of dynamite, if it’s early 19-20 stuff. glider over, hook on wherever you can, tape the dynamite down while shooting whoever you can, and dive away before it blows. later plastic explosives could be made even stickier and harder to peel off, with remote detonators, so you could just brush by, throw it down, fly off, and then blow it. 






She’s a Ghoul! and unlike vampires and draugrs, ghouls were never previously human. They drink blood and eat people/things though, and are tricksy little shapeshifters that can take the shape of creatures they’ve eaten.

 Young ghouls are sort of a ‘blank slate’, generally appearing to be vaguely humanoid (though not always) with minimal features. As they get older and eat more, a young ghoul will usually take the Exact Form of a meal only, whereas older ghouls seem to enjoy mixing and matching into some grotesque amalgam of parts. It’s an experience thing that takes practice: Exact copies are much easier than mixin it up.
Ghouls have been known to take the places of people after killing and eating them, or being pretty harmless. Just kinda depends.

They are often nasty little things…mostly because, though they enjoy Fresh blood, they have a preference for rotting meat. They can be found digging up fresher buried bodies or dragging off roadkill for an easy meal, but if they have a fresh kill, they usually let it fester awhile.

Heyu is no exception to that, she’s gross. AND she’s one of the oddball ghouls that likes to stay in her more ‘original’ shape, Despite being Very old, and having many many shapes and faces under her belt. When she’s not in Original Flavor, she’s prefers to mix it up into weird mish mashes of parts rather than any single form.

It’s important to note that though she is generally Small, she can very easily and very quickly shift into much bigger, much more dangerous forms. Her cute tinyness is very intentionally non-threatening.




dragons have lips

this isn’t a shitpost. in skyrim’s dragon language there are pairs of distinct words such as: ‘nid’ (no/none), ‘mid’ (loyal/loyalty), ‘mu’ (we) vs ‘nu’ (now), and ‘aan’ (an) vs ‘aam’ (to serve). this indicates that dragons are able to distinguish between the sounds ‘m’ and ‘n’. 

the only difference between ‘m’ and ‘n’ is that the latter is formed with the tongue, while the former is produced with the lips 

therefore, dragons have lips 

This is some solid linguistic field work and I look forward to the followup post.


These guys are from Cele Trei Creaturi, which I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned has
energy creatures? They are made out of magic, which is
very unstable under most circumstances and requires a “magic sink” to
stay together. A magic sink conducts ambient magic energy and spits it
out for the energy creature to use and maintain its form with. They’re
like animals made of running water: if the flow stops they die. The best
and most available conductor of magic is other living things, so plants
and small animals are usually held symbiotically (or victimized) by the
energy creatures. For more info on magic physics in CTC, look here: (1) (2)

What’s unusual about them is that Candentia the creator didn’t make
them, they arose naturally from the environment and physical laws she
created for the universe. She is super fascinated by this and studies
them in her weird god house. They are believed to be descended from
spells used by plants and animals, having gotten more complex and
extended their lifespans with magic sinks. They are colloquially called
‘spell worms’ because of this.

It’s also said that dwarfs have two hundred words for rock.
They don’t. They have no words for rock, in the same way that fish have no words for water. They do have words for igneous rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, rock underfoot, rock dropping on your helmet from above, and rock which looked interesting and which they could have sworn they left here yesterday. But what they don’t have is a word meaning “rock.” Show a dwarf a rock and he sees, for example, an inferior piece of crystalline sulphite of barytes.

Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett (via cat-sophia)

Thoughts on gobinoid gender & reproduction & secondary sex characteristics


All goblinoids (in Marguul Pass), because of symbiotic living, share a system of gender wherein the basic classes are defined by reproduction capability:
-abstainer (by choice, inclination, or reproductive disability)
Most clans don’t give a shit about associating roles or privileges here, though the religious movement in the northwestern Wyrmsmokes has started introducing favoritism for donors and stigma against abstainers, the latter meme having cropped up to a lesser extent in various clans across history.

Humans who try to learn Goblin can get tripped up in learning goblinoid gender, because their own system tends to be 1) binarist, despite the large trans contingent that helped drive the Great Migration, and 2) decoupled from reproduction, because of all the transgender humans. It is better to acknowledge that goblinoids a) are pretty much agender in most clans, and b) have a verbal classification to identify reproductive capability, because sexual dimorphism is minimal and they don’t live nearly long enough to have time to dance around that.
Sidenote: dwarves are pretty cool with this because it’s the exact opposite of their pluralistic, sex-agnostic, strongly gendered system so there are no similarities to get tripped up on.

There are two further classes which override the others because they do, universally, carry special recognition. These are mage, which includes any magic-user and is retroactively applied upon discovery, and warlord, which is applied only after one gains a position, is lost if one loses it before dying, and supercedes mage. All five classes use different conjugations. Pronouns are nonexistent. There is a separate conjugation for mixed-class groups of people.

As for mechanics of reproduction:
-Goblins can reproduce with each other or donate to hobgoblins. Immune reactions will abort any hobgoblin embryos, so goblins can bear for hobgoblin donators but will only produce goblin children and it’s pretty resource-intensive. Goblins have 4 functional breasts and produce litters of 1-9, mean 2.7, children. Goblins have the shortest gestational period and tend to be a little postnatally helpless until their brains develop a little.
-Hobgoblins can reproduce with all goblinoids, but will abort bugbear fetuses with fairly delayed immune response which is HORRIFYING so almost no one tries. They have two developed breasts and two vestigial nipples, and bear one child with occasional twins.
-Bugbears are incompatible with goblins but can bear multiple hobgoblin children (mean 4ish). Bugbears tend to be chimeric and have low intraspecies birthrate because fetuses absorb each other in utero. They have two breasts which function regardless of primary sex characteristics, from birth. Clans with high bugbear populations are likely to develop gender roles specifically among bugbears because of surplus donor populations; an example is the Blood Ghost berserkers who have developed, to the east of the Elsir-Nimon confluence over the last 50 years, an exclusively donor sect of warriors.

Basically goblinoids are cool and I love them. Suggest more if you want.