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SU Corrupted Gems!! Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, Lapis and Peridot—20160909


I’d love to see your take on Trubbish/Garbodor!



With the increasing amount of human activity in Unova and a lack of Grimer in the region, an unrelated Pokemon evolved to fill it’s niche. Likely evolving from a detritivoreous species, Trubbish and Garbodor now nearly exclusively feed on human waste and discarded materials. High amounts of plastic and toxic material accumulate in their body, which stores in their adipose tissue. Pockets of plastic and other indigestible materials can frequently be seen building up and bulging under their skin.

Despite often being viewed as unpleasant, these gregarious creatures are very sociable and docile to humans. Fans of the species describe them as being easy to train and even affectionate towards trainers. Despite best efforts of enthusiast, Trubbish and Garbodor are seen as undesirable vermin in urban areas and even dumps, and are regularly culled.



Random Headcanon: The Klingon Empire’s “honourable warrior” culture isn’t such a weird, dysfunctional caricature just because of bad writing – it’s actually like that from an in-character perspective, too.

Most of the Klingons who appear on-screen are nobility of some description, and what we’re looking as is a warrior caste that’s made an imperfect transition to being a class of bureaucrats and administrators at some point between the Original Series and The Next Generation – sort of like what happened with the samurai in post-Shogunate Japan.

They’ve got a lot of cultural anxiety tied up in that role shift, and they’ve overcompensated by constructing this nostalgic mythos of a Golden Age of Glorious Battle that never actually existed. The vaunted warrior’s code is a recent invention – largely post-dating that transition, in fact – and those who take it most seriously typically hail from clans whose “warriors” haven’t seen real combat in generations.

Basically, imagine a society ruled by self-hating historical cosplay nerds who have the authority to have you killed if you point out how ridiculous they are.

DS9 pretty solidly backs this up.