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axolotl ampora

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Anonymous asked: am i the only one who REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to see the signless with like, a saint sebastian homage. just tied to a stake naked and shot full of arrows and crying but also Digging It if you get my drift B))

as soon as I saw this ask I muttered “Oh well now I HAVE to draw it.”

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So I decided to actually lay down my headcanon troll Sollux and Eridan????? Bit messy but I’m proud since I’ve actually gotten as close as my hands could manage to how I imagine them
My headcanon for Solux’s nose actually switches between the button nose I do most of the time and the one above. I just wanted to show this second choice hueh
Around them I’ve jotted down reasons for certain aspects, which I’ll clarify under the cut
Species: Nocturnal desert troll (mostly reptilian in nature)
Gender: Genderfluid
Pronouns: They/them or Princex/Princet/Princette
Sexuality: Polysexual
Romantic orientation: Polyromantic
Mental illnesses: Depression
Handicaps: Height (sometimes), easily susceptible to cold temperatures, hears voices of the soon to be dead

Advantages: Psionics, fangs, four sharp horns, talons, fast, flexible, extremely smart.
Diet: Omnivore, preference towards plants and insects, adores natural honey.
Hen: Extremely rare type of troll that, a few sweeps after their adult molt, begin producing blank eggs though they don’t enter estrus cycles until 10 sweeps when their hormones have evened. Most Hens are completely capable of defending themselves but stay with a Breeder or two while nesting for extra protection. Hens HIGHLY prefer older, larger Breeders as opposed to younger examples due to those older having much more experience and typically better, more caring attitudes on top of extra strength.
Hens rarely have non-Breeder quadrantmates and are exempt from bucket duty.
Thin mane down spine.
Big oval eyes with ‘split’ pupils that blend in with each sclera, protected by big eyelashes.
Built to pack on extra layers of fat for protection of extra organs and eggs.
Tail is akin to that of a leopard gecko’s, it can easily break off and regenerate.
Specialized two toed feet with a hind claw for climbing up rocky areas and hanging off trees, legs are built for quick escape.
A shitty physical fighter, will choose running over fighting that is, unless, they’re pregnant or nesting. A nesting/pregnant Hen is not to be messed with, ever. Many idiots have met their violent end by the fangs of an angered Hen.
Has breasts and fully developed mammary glands for nursing grubs.
Thin, porous skin is easily damaged but helps them regulate body temperature.

Species: Amphibious troll
Gender: Polygender
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: Pansexual
Romantic orientation: Panromantic
Handicaps: Large size can be a hindrance, easily susceptible to heat and extreme cold, gills easily damaged, slower on land, sensitive digestive track.
Advantages: Thick skin, multiple rows of teeth that regrow,extremely fast underwater, can breathe on land and in water, heals quickly, blubber and all its advantages.
Diet: Strict carnivore, prefers raw fish and meat.
Breeder troll; Companion to Hen trolls, Breeders, also called ‘Roosters’, produce slurry (cum) with sperm that can fertilize a Hen’s blank eggs. Will often attatch themselves to a specific Hen, or even Hens, until rejected, younger Breeders are harder to be rid of due to new hormones as opposed to older Breeders with leveled out hormones.
Like Hens, Breeders are exempt from bucket duty but are far more likely to take non-Hen quadrantmates later in life.
Powerful tail based off that of a bull shark’s, allows fast movement underwater, can also be used in battle.
Muscular frame covered by blubber mad thick skin.
Bulge/penis remains protected inside a sheath while his testicles remain safe inside the body until significantly swelled from arousal/build up.
Eyes have nictating membranes for underwater.
Capable of lactating if extra is needed.
Webbed hands.
(Uncertain on his leg structure so I left those vague)