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She’s a Ghoul! and unlike vampires and draugrs, ghouls were never previously human. They drink blood and eat people/things though, and are tricksy little shapeshifters that can take the shape of creatures they’ve eaten.

 Young ghouls are sort of a ‘blank slate’, generally appearing to be vaguely humanoid (though not always) with minimal features. As they get older and eat more, a young ghoul will usually take the Exact Form of a meal only, whereas older ghouls seem to enjoy mixing and matching into some grotesque amalgam of parts. It’s an experience thing that takes practice: Exact copies are much easier than mixin it up.
Ghouls have been known to take the places of people after killing and eating them, or being pretty harmless. Just kinda depends.

They are often nasty little things…mostly because, though they enjoy Fresh blood, they have a preference for rotting meat. They can be found digging up fresher buried bodies or dragging off roadkill for an easy meal, but if they have a fresh kill, they usually let it fester awhile.

Heyu is no exception to that, she’s gross. AND she’s one of the oddball ghouls that likes to stay in her more ‘original’ shape, Despite being Very old, and having many many shapes and faces under her belt. When she’s not in Original Flavor, she’s prefers to mix it up into weird mish mashes of parts rather than any single form.

It’s important to note that though she is generally Small, she can very easily and very quickly shift into much bigger, much more dangerous forms. Her cute tinyness is very intentionally non-threatening.


Here’s some doodlin of the other planets!
Jupiter is essentially a massive, slow moving storm..thing.
There’s a sort of moving city around it, that harvests gases n stuff out of it.
Walking deeper into Jupiter has a similar effect to landing in a gas giant. I.e., go too far and it’ll crush ya the city around it has to be very aware of its movements or it’ll roll right over them

Uranus is pretty self explanatory. Creepy sideways planet

Neptune is an ass. It’s basically an orb of water surrounded by a perpetual chill and flesh rending winds
Tends to stay over the ocean, and it’s General gravity and weather kinda fucks with things a bit

Pluto can only be seen at a set distance, no matter how close it physically is to you.
It could be touching ur hand but it would still appear to be like 10 feet away. It’s design is..still in flux rn