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SU Corrupted Gems!! Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, Lapis and Peridot—20160909



Here’s some doodlin of the other planets!
Jupiter is essentially a massive, slow moving storm..thing.
There’s a sort of moving city around it, that harvests gases n stuff out of it.
Walking deeper into Jupiter has a similar effect to landing in a gas giant. I.e., go too far and it’ll crush ya the city around it has to be very aware of its movements or it’ll roll right over them

Uranus is pretty self explanatory. Creepy sideways planet

Neptune is an ass. It’s basically an orb of water surrounded by a perpetual chill and flesh rending winds
Tends to stay over the ocean, and it’s General gravity and weather kinda fucks with things a bit

Pluto can only be seen at a set distance, no matter how close it physically is to you.
It could be touching ur hand but it would still appear to be like 10 feet away. It’s design is..still in flux rn


Charles Le BrunLa Physiognomie, c. 1600s.

LeBrun studied the lines linking different points of the head in a complex geometry which revealed the faculties of the spirit or character. Thus, the angle formed by the axis of the eyes and the eyebrows could lead to various conclusions, depending upon whether or not this angle rose toward the forehead to join the soul or descended toward the nose and mouth, which were considered to be animal features.

(i.e. 17th century proto-animorphs?)