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blessed image………………come back ancestors fandom i miss u 

tbh the happiest time of my life was when this art blog was 90% dolorosa so i think it’s kind of sweet that i would be drawing her again. i looked at the dates of some of my favorite hs pages today and i started having heart palpitations


How common is it that Lusii choose a grub that doesn’t precisely match their blood colour or gender?


I think blood color – vanishingly rare. They may ACCEPT a not-a-perfect-match grub, for whatever reason, but they wouldn’t CHOOSE it.

Gender is much, much more flexible. Most lusii aren’t that good at identifying troll sex, and most trolls aren’t that good at identifying lusus sex, so they just assume it’s a match.

(Cirrus avoided mentioning her lusus’s gender because she always called it ‘he’, because he was previously the lusus of her male… ‘foster brother’, for lack of a better term.)




longroadstonowhere replied to your post:The Dolorosa belonged to the rare class assigned…

i think that supports the apprenticeship idea? i guess it depends on the age of majority for trolls, and whether ‘raising a child’ means ‘raising a grub past pupahood’ or ‘taking care of a younger troll until the age of majority’

Yeah, it could be there was still some sort of brooding cavern trials or something (maybe they didn’t start out as trials, but just as shitty conditions that no one could do anything about, and then “if I had to go through that everyone should have to go through that” attitudes set in later), but there was more interaction with older children, or just apprenticeships. If everyone still had a lusus, the amount of attention she had to give the Sufferer would probably still have been strange, right?

I wonder if trolls just don’t have problems with needing enough attention as children and babies the way humans do. It seems like I’ve seen a bunch of comics (or maybe it was just that one with Terezi showing up on my dash many times) of the kids and trolls taking care of troll grubs in the new universe. It would be pretty funny if the humans were like “oh, we have to do all this stuff, and give them attention and hold them and feed them and play with them” and the trolls are just like “what are you even talking about?”

it could even be that “brooding cavern trials” came about because mother grubs became targets at some point in the past when there were different troll groups fighting each other, and so they had to hide them in caves in order to protect them, but then the grubs and the lusii couldn’t get close to each other unless the grubs went through the caverns, and then the ‘why change things’ attitude went into full effect when protecting the mother grubs became less of a priority 

(that’s all assuming there’s multiple mother grubs, which i’ve always believed there were? but there could just be one)

and yeah, i definitely think trolls have the ‘quantity over quality’ behavioral attitude towards child-rearing, which i think fits with the whole insect theme (and now i’m thinking of this one futurama episode where a human gets an alien pregnant and she thinks she’s gonna have to be a full-time mother, but then she finds out the baby aliens just go off into the sea and don’t return for years)

so yeah, i think you’re right that the dolorosa was weird because she was taking care of the signless from such a young age and not leaving him alone to fend for himself

I think a single mother grub could be believable on Alternia, because the Condesce probably wants eugenics control over troll reproduction and doesn’t want other colonies forming, but there are obviously still things like Kanaya’s lusus. At least in the troll gender headcanon, for sea dwellers mother grubs were a resource they competed for, so that would make sense… and it works out with aquatic echolocating grub headcanons too, if the sea dwellers’ mother grub system was adopted. But yeah, if they are anything like a bee queens, they probably can’t really protect themselves and rely on the trolls for that.

In Hivebent (IIRC) it says that lusi are underground monsters that locate grubs in the brooding caverns. Maybe only like certain places, though?

I’m certain I used that WORLDBUILDING panel for something once, but I can’t remember what anymore.