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Dear Jadebloods: Do you think jadeblood life was more interesting before all the adults got kicked off planet? At least then you could probably live in towns near the caverns or visit them or cities sometimes. Any records from pre-summoner days?



Oncetold: Some!
Oncetold: And it looks like non-perfect jades at least did have more opportunities for… extra-Caverns social activity.
Oncetold: Perfect jades were already expected to be more… cloistered.
Oncetold: Which is odd given they’re all sun-tolerant, but what can I say.

Oncetold: …Come to think of it, maybe it was BECAUSE they’re sun-tolerant and people wanted them not to be in the sun – because that’s how you get latent rainbow drinkers.
Oncetold: Especially if they tried to pull in novices even younger then, which there’s some evidence of…
Oncetold: I think I may be on to something here.

Hey Maltha, would a grub with the elongated body segment and an extra pair of legs pupate into a visibly mutated troll? Like, would they grow an extra pair of hands or something?


Maltha: …

Maltha: I don’t know.

Surewait: These things do often disappear in pupation, either completely or to an extent that they aren’t a problem!

Surewait: …Is what we’re saying, at least. We know that sometimes this sort of issue – not elongated segments specifically, but physical abnormality in general – resolves itself, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Surewait: And sometimes it doesn’t resolve itself exactly but the troll is still functional enough to become a highly respected Ancillar and rainbow drinker before anyone finds out she has an entire extra set of arm joints, and it’s hard to argue with that sort of success. Especially as Ancillar Eveneyes is still around.

Perses: It’s the sort of thing that should probably be studied, but it would probably be really upsetting, so I’m not going to suggest it.

I love this blog so much! Do you know of any other similiar blogs?

Thank you 😀 I’m always glad to hear that people are enjoying it, makes all the time-consuming work worth it!

Similar blogs… it depends what you’re looking for.

This is the only blog I know of that

  1. leans towards theory and science
  2. leans away from porn
  3. prioritizes more out-there ideas
  4. posts a variety of content types
  5. varies the artist, species, fandom, and subject
  6. tags thoroughly

There’s plenty of blogs that post primarily xeno porn like

@nasty-no-no, @den-of-depravity, @xenozoophavorites

And lots that are compilations of monsters, aliens, sci-fi and/or horror like 
@spookymrsboo​, @edgerrtmonsters, @mychestpainwantsacigarette

If you’re looking for a specific fandom there’s places like
@homestucksexcanons, @jonesycat​, @masseffectdatabase

And of course there are many talented artists’ tumblrs to choose from
@liventenn​, @ssohardd​, @lukemaddoxart​, @lurelin​, @crocodilecrayons

Note: I just pulled all these blogs off of search. No guarantee about quality or content.

My own methodology involves following a couple dozen artists and writers specifically for this blog, some single-fandom focused and others mostly doing non-fandom art, who at least occasionally post xeno. I also get some content from the people I follow for other reasons.
When I find a new blog with xeno, even if I’m not going to end up following them, I go through all their work and put anything relevant in drafts. Then when I’m tagging and queueing stuff up, if I’m having trouble finding a certain type of post (say I’ve run out of text posts in the first 50 pages of the drafts, or all the not-homestuck fandom content is animorphs and some variety is needed) then I go on a search spree for that content and draft it up.
I also occasionally check the xeno, xenobiology, astrobiology, exobiology, alien biology, alien, monster biology, and speculative evolution tags.

Anyway, if any of you followers have any blog suggestions, hit me up and I’ll update this page accordingly! I’m always looking for more xeno!