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blessed image………………come back ancestors fandom i miss u 

tbh the happiest time of my life was when this art blog was 90% dolorosa so i think it’s kind of sweet that i would be drawing her again. i looked at the dates of some of my favorite hs pages today and i started having heart palpitations



Anonymous asked: am i the only one who REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to see the signless with like, a saint sebastian homage. just tied to a stake naked and shot full of arrows and crying but also Digging It if you get my drift B))

as soon as I saw this ask I muttered “Oh well now I HAVE to draw it.”

He’s been fucking himself for hours


So I’ve got a lot of thoughts and feels about Jadebloods recently.

Jadebloods are not allowed to leave the caverns, which are cut off from the outside world, there is no internet or television, very low tech as well. The Jades make clothing from Mothergrub silk and dye it with culled grubs that they don’t send to the church of the grand high blood. The caverns are extensive and there are even full cities below where jades amuse themselves and each other when they aren’t working or sleeping. The brooding caverns are said to have small cracks where the younger girls can sometimes slip out into the surrounding underground cities, but this is dangerous because of drones. The higher ranking Matrons know most of these exits and generally allow a little bit of freedom unless someone doesn’t come back, in which case they collapse the crack, essentially banishing the girl to her fate.

Jades are not allowed to tie up another caste’s quadrants, since they’ll be cut off for life anyway, nor are they allowed to submit slurry. They are rare for a reason, relying on their genes to show up on their own within the mix.

  • Cavernwear is the normal uniform for Jadebloods at work. generally not allowed a weapon unless they have a sentry position or are very old and have earned the right.
  • A message sister must have her passport and identification papers with her at all times outside of the caverns and is permitted a weapon and property for the purposes of travel, otherwise she has no worldly possessions outside of what the caverns provide. carries a bag of some sort, usually a backpack or messenger bag.

I’m a little confused about how genetics work. Does every troll have an ancestor? If so how does the population grow since ancestors and descendants are only ever alive at the same time under special circumstances. If a descendant dies without reproducing (in the caverns say) is that line wiped out? (I’d imagine this is what happened to the limebloods) If not every troll has an ancestor what happens with the gentics of the new ones? Are they just mutant lines?


You’re thinking about genetics working the same way they work with humans/animals: ie, two donors, and then mixes from there, I think.

All genetic material is reprocessed and remixed by the mothergrub. There’s no direct lineage, between Ancestors and Descendants – the notion is cultural, but not factual.

All that happens is that, from that impossibly complex mixture of genetic material, every once in a blue moon, the mixes somehow produce an individual who shares 99.999999999999999999% of their genetic makeup with another troll, who also picked up the same sign they did. Do all trolls have Ancestors? Statistically? Yeah. Do all Ancestors are relevant? Not really. Agness’ ancestor was one of Dualscar’s unnamed slaves, for example, and neither Agness nor Eridan will never know because all records about Ethlyn’s existence have been destroyed. Plus only the longer lived castes even believe Ancestors are a thing anyway. Most trolls think it’s a myth. 

Again with the numbers and the game of probability. Trolls, as a species, have a near infinite potential for genetic variation: overall size, horn shape, horn size, teeth/fang disposition, length of limbs, etc. Trolls come in all shapes and sizes and that’s determined by the slurry mixture the mother grub creates. The genetic material they provide is not structured, but it’s rather free-floating chromosomes suspended in stasis that react to another troll’s material during sex – if the required enzymes and hormones are presented, that is if the sex is legit black or red – and recombine into new bits and pieces that are still free-floating and in stasis when they’re delivered to drones/medbays.

THAT material is processed and recombined, again, by the mother grub, who uses the random chromosomes to build actual, functional chains of DNA from basic internal templates for each blood caste, filling in the blanks of acceptable variation – ie, what horn shape, what eye shape, what nose shape, what kind of teeth, etc – arbitrarily.

Who you have sex with has absolutely no impact on your descendants. That bit is propaganda by the Empire. So long as your relationships are biologically true – kismesissitude and matespritship – the material will be processed and your genes will go to be spread out to future generations.

Your descendants are nothing more than a quirk of statistical probability, where given the size of the Empire and the amount of eggs laid and wigglers raised, one day, maybe, someone will crawl out of the caves looking just like you, wearing your sign.

Inheritance is not a genetic thing, it’s a psychic thing all together.

Love Like a Rockslide – Chapter 1 – Lizardlicks – Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]

Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Cronus Ampora & Eridan Ampora, Cronus Ampora/Kankri Vantas
Characters: Cronus Ampora, Eridan Ampora, Kankri Vantas, The Signless | The Sufferer, The Disciple (Homestuck), The Dolorosa, The Psiioniic | The Helmsman, Karkat Vantas, Orphaner Dualscar, Spinneret Mindfang, Redglare
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Brother Feels, Canon-Typical Violence, Medical Trauma, Feralstuck, Alternate Universe – No Sgrub Session, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Survivor Guilt, Ancestors and Dancestors as a Family Unit, Mpreg

Injured, tired, scared and alone, Cronus has to figure out how to keep himself and his brother alive without kin or clan to help.

Love Like a Rockslide – Chapter 1 – Lizardlicks – Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]